Pick up & Drop off Procedures

Students may be on campus beginning at 8:40am. There is no adult supervision before this time, so please do not drop off your student before 8:40am. The bell rings at 9am to start the day. Students should be lined up at their classroom's exterior door before the bell.

Please do not cross the drop-off lane except within the crosswalk. It is critical that every adult models safe behavior on campus, including proper parking lot etiquette.

The day ends at 3:40. Students are dismissed from the exterior doors of their classrooms. Parents/guardians are welcome to park in the lot and meet students at their classrooms, or use drive through the pick-up lane.

Please use this map as a guide to quickly and safely navigate the parking lot before, during, and after school.

  • NEVER, ever park in the drop off lanes. These lanes are for quick stops (less than 30 seconds) for your child to exit your vehicle.
  • If you need to leave your vehicle for ANY reason, please park in a parking spot. This applies before, during, and after school.
  • Keep the crosswalk in front of the main office clear and respect the safety patrol students. Blocking the crosswalk creates an unsafe situation for everyone.
  • Keep your speed in the parking lot under 5 MPH.
  • If you see something, politely say something. A bit of education and a friendly reminder goes a long way.

Together we can improve the flow of traffic through the parking lot even on the wettest, busiest days and keep our kids safe.